The Wild Goose Chronicles DVD

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Four Episodes with Trent Harris.

Is Joe really a nut lick­er? Trent Har­ris, one of America's strang­est filmmakers, asks this and other per­plex­ing questions in, The Wild Goose Chron­icles. Ban­ished from Holly­wood for the unfor­givable sin of making a flop, Harris sets out for Tim­buk­tu and places even more remote. Powered by lost loves, dead pets, and magic mush­rooms he wanders the world, discovers the "Giant Eye of Merv" in Turk­men­istan, naked beauties on the beach in Brazil, and crafty antelope on a bomb­ing range in Utah. It's TRUE, it's WEIRD, and it's on DVD.


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The Wild Goose Chronicles DVD includes FOUR EPISODES
  Episode 1 - Timbuktu (clip)      
2 - The Omar Question (clip)
3 - Brazil (clip)
4 - Naked Reality


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