The Wild Goose Chronicles

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by Trent Harris

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"I told Scott I was going to Tim­buk­tu. He ask­ed me if he could have my TV if I didn't come back. Then he ask­ed me why I was go­ing. 'Be­cause,' I re­plied, 'there's a wild goose honk­ing in my ear... and the bas­tard won't shut up!" So be­gins the lat­est gonzo jour­ney by film­maker Trent Harris, this one by plane, boat camel, and pen. Following the wild goose, Harris travels to Timbucktu, choos­ing his des­ti­na­tion in part be­cause, "it's just so damned hard to get to." Chronicling the details of his trip-along with assorted other thoughts, his­tor­i­cal tidbits, memories, and unrelated tan­gets - Harris leads us on a funny and ul­ti­mately poingant trip into the uncharted realms of his own twisted psyche.

102 pages - full color - lots of art and photos.

This book is a perfect companion piece to The Wild Goose Chronicles DVD.


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