Mondo Utah

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by Trent Harris

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Mondo Utah

This is the most com­plete col­lec­tion of his­­tor­i­cal wierd­ness to ever come out of the land of Zion! (Utah) In its pages you will find many shocking ac­counts of un­be­liev­a­ble but true events. There's the story about a Mormon mis­sion­ary who was al­leg­ed­ly raped by a Miss Wy­om­ing beauty queen. She claims, "That would be like trying to stick a marsh­mel­low in a park­ing meter." And then there is the strange tale of Stinky, from Mag­na, who hides in the bottom of out­houses with his camera. He's just another in­de­pen­dent film­maker. And then there is Ron Laugh­er­ty, the mad prohet murderer, who now spends his days in jail with a sign taped to his butt that says, "Exit Only". He is con­vinced that Satan wants to sneak up his anus...and there are monsters, and grave rob­bing ghouls, and politicians who cry for a living...and dozens of other stories that prove without a doubt that truth in Utah is stranger. It is now proudly in its second printing. Read and believe.

This book is a perfect companion piece to Plan 10 From Outer Space.

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