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A film by Trent Harris

LUNA MESA is yet another wild de­par­ture from tra­di­tion­al cinema, some­thing Trent Harris has be­come known for. Luna (Lib­er­ty Val­en­tine) dis­covers the dead body of her lover in a hotel room in Cambodia. She also finds a secret notebook filled with cryptic mes­sages. The book leads her on an as­ton­ish­ing journey to the far corners if the earth and beyond.

Harris is the only kind of director worth following. His creations are not so much proof of being alive as they are a test for being alive and Luna Mesa is Harris' grand opus" — S Magazine

— S Magazine

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• Cannibals and Diamond
• Director's Notebooks • Rwandan Heavenly Toe Tappers

• Paintings Harris did in Mexico • Postcards Harris sent to himself • Six Limited Edition Art Cards


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