The Wild Goose Chronicles DVD

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Four Episodes with Trent Harris

Is Joe really a nut licker? Trent Harris, one of America's strangest filmmakers, asks this and other perplexing questions in, The Wild Goose Chronicles.  Banished from Hollywood for the unforgivable sin of making a flop, Harris sets out for Timbuktu and places even more remote. Powered by lost loves, dead pets, and magic mushrooms he wanders the world, discovers the "Giant Eye of Merv" in Turkmenistan, naked beauties on the beach in Brazil, and crafty antelope on a bombing range in Utah. It's TRUE, it's WEIRD, and it's on DVD. 


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The Wild Goose Chronicles DVD includes FOUR EPISODES
  Episode 1 - Timbuktu (clip)      
2 - The Omar Question (clip)
3 - Brazil (clip)
4 - Naked Reality

Buy with PayPal, or you can send a check or money order for $25 (includes s/h) to: TRENT HARRIS, 825 N 300 W #W206, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84103.

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