Plan 10 From Outer Space DVD
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"Just be­cause I made it up doesn't mean it isn't true!"

– Trent Harris

“Nancy Drew on Acid”

– Sundance Film Festival

“A batty brilliant romp.”

– Wired Magazine

“Number One Sci Fi film of the Year”

–  New York Review of Science Fiction

“Rocky Horror meets the Mormons”

– Cinefantastique Magazine


Lucinda Hall discovers a century old book penned by a mad Mormon prophet. She deciphers this odd artifact and is sucked into a world where spacemen, polygamists, and angels run amuck. Is she nuts or has she uncovered a diabolical plot to change the world led by Nehor (Karen Black), a peeved alien from the planet Kolob?

Starring Stefene Russell and Karen Black

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